Hormonal Disturbances among the Infertile Men in Baghdad-Iraq

Abdul Hussein, Moyet Al-Faisal


The aims of this work are to determine the prevalence and pattern ofendocrinological abnormalities in infertile men in our environment. The study wasconducted on 70 infertile men with different subgroups. 43 were azoospermic, 14 withmildoligospermic and 13 with severoligospermic in addition to 20 healthy and fertilemen as control. Hormonal assessments were done on those with abnormalities of theirsperm count. Fifty-one (72.86%) of 70 subjects were with abnormal hormonal levelsand 19 (27.14%) were with normal levels. Prolactin elevation was detected in 30 infertilemen (42.86%) from all subgroups. This elevation was either alone (13 infertilemen,18.57%) or combined with abnormal levels of other hormones (24.29%). Otherhormonal abnormalities were also detected in all subgroups. FSH was detected at highlevels in 26 (37.1%) of 70 infertile men. Decreased level of testosterone, FSH and LHwas also detected but in low percentage (1.43% each). The statistical analysis of theselevels showed that FSH and prolactin were with high significant levels in azoospermic,LH in severoligospermic and LH plus prolactin in mildoligospermic.

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