Biofilm: Impact on Public Health

Khaemaporn Boonbumrung


Infectious disease is a public health problem that directly affects people infected in terms of the survival rate, the prevention of epidemic and the guidelines for antibiotic resistance treatment. It also has an impact on economic loss. In 2021 the structure of the Thai population is transferring into a fully elderly society, which is the risk group for infection. In particular, treatment protocols with medical implantable devices are major factors in the infection and incidence of subsequent infections. It was found that the capability of biofilm formation was associated with chronic infection in the population. This article discusses the relationship between biofilm and infection, biofilm formation process, component of biofilm structure and strategies to treat biofilm associated infections. The information should provide current awareness to healthcare professionals and those interested in recognizing the impact of biofilm on the public, and are concerned to cope with this kind of infection.

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