Association between XPD Codon 312 Polymorphisms and breast Cancer Risk in Thai women

Vichuda Triratapichat, Danai Tiwawech, Teerakul Arpornsuwan


Breast cancer is the most common cancer in Thai women. Polymorphic variants of XPD gene, which involve DNA repair systems, were found to be associated with several cancers. The aim of this study was to investigate the association between XPD codon 312 polymorphisms and breast cancer susceptibility in Thai women. In this study, DNA was isolated from the peripheral blood sample of 100 patients with breast cancer and 100 healthy controls for determinination of XPD codon 312 polymorphisms by real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). The results show that no significant associations were found between breast cancer risk and XPD codon 312 polymorphisms (crude OR: 1.31, 95% CI: 0.64-2.71; p = 0.462). Variable parameters comprising age and menopause status did not alter the findings (adjusted OR: 1.14, 95% CI: 0.66-1.98; p = 0.635) suggesting that XPD codon 312 polymorphisms is not associated with breast cancer risk. 

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