Improvement of Phlebotomy Service of MedicalTechnology Laboratory, Phraphutthabat Hospital using Balanced Scorecard

Umaporn Sirisoponwattana, Kulnaree Sirisali, Kanyanath Piumngam


Phlebotomy services should focus on quality, safety, patient satisfaction, and efficient resource management. This led to improvement of the Medical Technology Laboratory Phlebotomy Service, Phraphutthabat Hospital, Thailand. Current efficiency was measured and balanced scorecard was used to improve the management of phlebotomy service. All together 18 indicators and 9 operational plans were devised, taking into account lagging and leading indicators. Balanced scorecards were found to improve all aspects of phlebotomy service management. After initiatives were implemented, achievable indicators rose from 6 to 13. The 7 additional achievable indicators consisted of perspectives in learning and growth (3 indicators), customers (2 indicators), internal processes (1 indicator) and finance (1 indicator).

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