Application of Microsoft Excel for Method Performance Verification

Wicharn Keowkarnkah





To modify Microsoft Excel for using in sigma metric calculation, analytical

method validation and quality control procedure selection.




Microsoft workbook file is created with each worksheet set for calculation

and viewing charts. Undesired cells are locked to prevent misused data. Each cell in the worksheet

is prepared for user to fill in the data of test, IQC, and EQAS. Error message will show when

incorrect data is entered. Normalized OPSpecs charts from Westgardûs OPSpecs charts pool are

passed into worksheets. When data are entered completely, the program will calculate and report

sigma metric as well as plotting the normalized method decision charts with operating point.




The application program was evaluated by comparing the calculated Sigma

metric with Westgard


! Normalized Operating Point Calculators. It shows the same results.

Operating point plotting was also evaluated. It shows that operating point on OPSpecs Charts

is similar with manually plot on printed OPSpecs charts. Performance verification and QC plan

are also demonstrated in the work sheet. The file is very small (400 KB).

Discussion and conclusion:



The modified program is very friendly and easy to use.

The user only simply enters data of the test, IQC, and EQAS/PT, apart from that the program

will operate automatically. Using this program is more rapid and reduce task. The operating

point on OPSpecs charts is also more precise and clearer than manually plotting. The validated

data can be saved in the work sheet for reviewing. As this application uses Normalized OPSpecs

Charts, so once the data are normalized the chart can be used with every test. Therefore this

application is suitable for method validation in clinical laboratories.

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