Application of quality management system for the selection of glucometer in Thammasat University Hospital

Palakorn Puttaruk


Objective: Application of quality management system for the selection of glucometers in Thammasat University Hospital.

Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional analysis study was conducted on 40 samples of lithium heparinized whole blood collected from subjects who obtained glucose measurement in Thammasat University Hospital laboratory. Five different models of glucometer were tested and the results were compared with the reference laboratory method using Clinical ChemistryÒ Dimension RxL Max. The quality management system including determination of %CV, %bias and Six Sigma was used for the selection of glucometers.

Result: The precision of two models of glucometers were acceptable with CV < 5%. However, only one model met the American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommendation with bias < 5% and better performance than the other model (Six Sigma > 3.50).

Conclusion: The quality management system for precision and accuracy of the test results can be used to assist the selection of glucometers. The appropriately selected glucometer will be used to provide better patient care in Thammasat University Hospital.

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