Chlorhexidinegluconate(CHG): antimicrobial activity and medical applications

Nattamon Niyomdecha


Nosocomial infection is a major problem of public health which needs to be controlled and solved by using efficient strategies. The use of chemical means such as antiseptics is common nowadays. Chlorhexidinegluconate (CHG) has good activity against a broad spectrum of pathogens, including antimicrobial resistant microorganisms, by causing cell lysis and precipitating their cellular contents. It has substantial residual antimicrobial property and safety for users.The optimal concentration recommended for antiseptic application of CHG is 0.5-4%. When combined with alcohol (alcoholic chlorhexidine),the effectiveness of the product  is enhanced. In order to reduce or eliminate the contaminated pathogens,CHG can be used in various occasions such as preoperative cleansing for patient’s skin and surgeon’s hands or cleansing patient’s skin prior to insertion of the catheter. Therefore, CHG is considered an effective and worthy antiseptic that should be recommended for healthcare personnel use to prevent the spreading of nosocomial infections and help reduce the hospital expense

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