Assessment of Fasting Plasma Glucose (FPG) and Hemoglobin Ale (HbAlc) Monitoring in Type 2 Diabetic Patients at Trang Hospital

Tassanee Sirithansakul


The purpose  of this study  was to assess glycemic control in type 2 diabetic  patients  at Trang  Hospital  and  the Health-Promoting Hospitals  in Trang  Province  by monitoring fasting plasma  glucose  (FPG)  and  hemoglobin   Ale  (HbAlc). Data  collected  from  October  2016  to September 2017  consisted  of 3,156  type 2 diabetics,  1,996  females  (63.2%) and  1,160  males

(36.8%) with  the average age of 61.8  ± 12.5 years,  940 (29,8%) of which were within  the age


range  of 51-60  years and 1145  (36.3%)  were from  the Health-Promoting Hospitals.  A total of


979 patients  (31.1%)  were able to control  their glucose levels (FPG  ::>;130 mg/dL, HbAlc <7%) while  2,177  patients  (68.9%) were  unable  to  do  so. In  the  well  glycemic  controlled   group ((FPG  < 130 mg/dL, and  HbAlc < 7%), most were  male, age 70 years and over, and attended the outpatient services.  In the poor glycemic controlled group ((FPG > 130 mg/dL and  HbAlc

> 7%),  most  were  female,  age  between  51-60 years,  and  attended  the  District   of  Health­


Promoting Hospitals.  In  conclusion,  most  of type  2 diabetic  patients  at  Trang  Hospital  and associated  service  units  were  unable  to control their  glucose  level  (68.9%).  Therefore, the campaign and the modification of patient monitoring system are needed to encourage patients to control their blood glucose level with  the emphasis  on female patients, age 60 years and  below, who attend  the Health-Promoting Hospitals.

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