Real Time Monitoring Cell Proliferation of SW620 Colorectal Cancer Cell Line Following Co-culture with PHA-Stimulated Lymphocytes and CD44 Expression Following Cytotoxic and Apoptotic Induction

Supapom Suparak, Kanokwan Ngueanchanthong, Tawanchay Sangcharoen, Busarawan Sriwanthana, Somchai Sangkitpom


CD44  is a cell surface  protein  detected  in cancer  stem cells of colon  and other  cancer types. This study aimed  to real-time monitor  cell  proliferation by using cell index analysis  of SW620  colorectal cancer  cell  line  following co-culture with  PHA-stimulated lymphocytes. The  effects   of  anti-CD44 antibody on  cell  proliferation and  CD44  expression  following cytotoxic  and apoptotic induction  were also assessed. The cell proliferation of SW620 cells was decreased  by anti-CD44 antibody  in dose-dependent manner  and  more  pronounced following co-culture with PHA-stimulated lymphocytes, compared to the untreated SW620  control cells. The  expression of  CD44  on  SW620  cell  line  was  significantly increased  after   induction  of

cytotoxicity and  apoptosis  as compared to  the SW620  control  cells (p  < 0.05,  paired  t-test).


Our  study demonstrated a role of CD44 on cell proliferation and survival  of SW620  cell line, These findings  may lead to further applicative study  of CD44 and other specific surface  markers on colorectal  cancer  stem cells.

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