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BP Zone

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-19)

Thiazide Diuretic. This BP Zone Review is usually the starter drug of choice. The idea is to flush out sodium and lower total fluid levels in the body reducing pressure. The thiazide diuretic also provides a measure of protection for heart attack and stroke as well. Literally millions of people are on this drug. ACE Inhibitors are designed to limit the production of hormones that constrict the blood vessels. The idea is that less constriction will mean pressure will go down. Popular ACE Inhibitors include Capoten, Prinivil and Altace. Angiotensin II receptor blockers block the hormone angiotensin which allows the blood vessels to widen in response to pressure on the walls. This one actually works fairly well in cases of extreme hypertension. Brands include Cozaar, Benicar and Diovan. Beta Blockers interrupt nerve signals to the heart causing it to slow down and thereby reduce the pressure in the blood vessels. This class is the third most popular prescribed. Beta blocker brands include Lopressor, Corgard and Levatol. Calcium Channel Blockers. This class prevents calcium from entering the heart and blood vessel cells thereby relaxing them. The big problem with this class is that it can work to well and cause your heart to relax to the point it stops beating. In fact one study claims that calcium blockers are responsible for over 40,000 uneccessary heart attacks each year. Common calcium channel blockers include Norvasc, Cardizem and Procardia. Are you looking for a way to lower blood pressure fast without medication? Are you on blood pressure medication now and want to get off it? Well for 95% of the people who have HBP, even hypertension, there are ways to accomplish both objectives using natural blood pressure remedies.

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