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Sonus Complete

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-20)

A person can have their Sonus Complete Review hearing affected by emotional and psychological reasons as well, this type of this is called functional hearing loss. The person with functional hearing loss will have no problems hearing so to speak, but will not respond to sound. What is hard about this, is first being able to correctly diagnosing it so as not to use other treatments on the person. If a person has both conductive and sensorineural loss in one ear, then the person is said to have mixed hearing loss. With mixed hearing loss, the easiest to treat is still conductive hearing impairment. There is still not much that can be done with the sensorineural problem. Audiology is a field of study that assists patients of all ages with issues related to their hearing. Audiologists receive specialized training to be able to evaluate, as well as treat all sorts of hearing loss, and then try to pinpoint the reason for the loss. When the main problem is identified, an audiologist can discuss available treatment options to help a patient regain their hearing as well as their quality of life once more. In order to gain a better understand of what audiology is, there has to be a knowledge base about how audiologists are trained, the testing protocols they use, and the types of treatments they can offer. At minimum, an audiologist must have a master's degree in the field, and Ph.D.s are required for licensure in some states. As of 2007, eight states required audiologists to obtain doctorate degrees, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Education needs to be acquired from schools that are approved for audiology. Being able to earn a doctorate degree in this field requires eight years of both university education as well as clinical experience.

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