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by regina fancy (2020-02-22)

Tinnitus has not specifically been categorized Sonus Complete Review as a particular disease as it is more of a condition the cure of which is not clearly known to many. The real cure for tinnitus is also a matter of debate in the medical field as many doctors and practitioners feel that there is no real cure for this condition, whereas some assert that there is one.Firstly, if we try to clearly evaluate the condition it can be referred to a constant buzzing or ringing in ones ears or head without the sound being actually present outside of the individuals head, the sounds experienced by different cases may vary person to person some people may experience a very high pitched sound of whistling, whining or even screaming.Some people may even hear the sound of certain animals or machines continuously in their ears.Some people believe that tinnitus may actually be a symptom of another illness; such illnesses may include insomnia, an ear infection, and the presence of a foreign object in the ear or may be even a thick deposit of wax in the ear that has not been cleared for long and has developed into an infection of some sort. Tinnitus can also be developed naturally as a part of the aging process.In order to cure tinnitus completely it is mandatory to cure the root cause first hence it can be said that there is no direct or general cure for all tinnitus patients as the root causes may vary from person to person. Hence to cure tinnitus one has to follow a very detailed analysis of the patient history and only then can the actual remedy be prescribed.

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