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by Mathew John (2020-02-26)

So what does this have to do with weight LumaSlim Review loss motivation anyway? And here is where I want to make two very critical points. The cause of weight gain has nothing to do with the consumption of food or the lack of exercise! And remember, I said the cause. The cause of weight gain is the lack of proper nutrition in the body. When our incredibly designed bodies lack the proper vitamins and minerals, the body will continue to search for them in the food we consume. And of course everyone knows by now what is in the food we consume! Without the proper fuel we need, the body will continue to crave foods. And there in lies the problem. Once your body ingests the proper nutrition it needs, the cravings will diminish. The second critical point I want to make is that of absorption. The body must be able to absorb the nutrition at the highest level. So if I am correct, and you are truly motivated to lose weight, you must concentrate on the highest quality nutrition you can find, and absolutely make sure that you are absorbing the nutrition. And guess what? It works to perfection all the time. If you are motivated to lose weight and follow those two points, the weight will come off!!

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