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Vision 20

by Alisa Princy (2020-03-04)

My name is Alex Vision 20 Review White, and I'm a 28 year old medical student. I want to become an ophthalmologist in the future, because I was born with bad eyesight. I could not afford LASIK, nor would I want to. Honestly, I did not trust it. I have heard of side effects, and even permanent blindness using laser eye surgery. I wanted something natural. So I've invented an eye exercise which helps to improve your eyesight in a natural way. My blog is all about the cure and proper care of our most important body part - our eyes! My goal is to improve your quality of life through giving out my free exercises. Various types of eye exercises are found online for children and adults. These online eye exercises help in improving vision. They improve focus and coordination of eyes. Some of these online eye exercises include eye roll exercises, refocus exercise and eye clench. The eye roll exercise is very much similar to a cat stretch for one's eyes and shoulders. It helps in relaxing and stretching eyes that had been fixed in one position for a long time. Promoting circulation, it allows a better flow of oxygen and nutrients. This exercise can be carried out whilst sitting on a desk or by lying down which would add more relaxation. The basic idea is to roll eyes up to 20 times in the same direction after which the same is to be repeated in the other direction. Eyes are to be kept open and then rolled. The circles made should be as wide as possible and head is not to be moved along with the activity. Increased speed should be practised as more and more circles are made. The re focus exercise is for eyes that become dry and tired due to constantly staring at one thing for a long time. The vision may also blur. This exercise requires shifting focus of the eye from near too far away objects in order to strengthen the eye muscles. To start the exercise, a finger is to be placed on the tip of your nose and it is to be focused upon by your eyes. The finger is then moved further away slowly till a point where your eyes can still see it. Bring it closer and also shift your focus on something else that is further away. Shift your focus between the two points for 10 minutes.

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