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by Mathew John (2020-03-06)

This ancient story reflects on a truth that Zen12 Review is shared by almost everyone in most situations. Almost everything that happens to you is in your hands. We are the masters of our own destinies. Our futures are up to us.The choices and decisions you make will determine the results you achieve. You can go to the finest university, but the education you receive will be in your hands. You can seek out the greatest of martial art masters, but your training will be in your hands. You can land a job, but you success will be in your hands. Bookstores and libraries are full of books to help you learn and achieve in all areas, but reading them is in your hands.Sure, most of these words are part of an ad campaign, but they also represent images, concepts, even generate ideas, feelings, actions. Our words are powerful, and can accomplish great and mighty things, or they can destroy and devastate. What most of us do not think about though, is that before a word is spoken or written, thoughts must form, then be acted upon to form words, that convey meaning, and are then either written or spoken to be shared.

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