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Hair Revital X

by Mathew John (2020-01-24)

I've known and heard from people who had Hair Revital X Review very aggressive androgen driven loss which presented with a high amount of shedding hairs that came out all day long. This isn't the normal presentation, but it does happen. And the normal presentation of telogen effluvium doesn't often have miniaturization present. However, this does sometimes happen also, although it is most likely to happen when you have the chronic form of the condition (which lasts for more than six months.)So to answer the question posed, it's not completely common to lose hair all day with androgenetic alopecia, but it's certainly not impossible either. The next thing that you would look at is the quality of regrowth. But since there was miniaturization here also, there were still several possibilities. The next thing to consider would be whether the loss was patterned and in high androgen areas or if it was more diffuse and all over the head. A diffuse loss is more suggestive of telogen effluvium while a patterned loss is more indicative of androgenetic alopecia, but again, there are always exceptions. That's why you usually have to look at the situation in its totality and then consider the circumstances that lead up to it as well as the over all health of the person, as well as any family history.

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