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It's hard to choose a dating site.

by Liam K Lee (2021-02-09)

I am not calling to abandon the use of dating sites and applications, I consider them the most effective dating platforms in our reality, but for anyone who is determined to find a partner there for a long-term relationship, it will be, in my opinion, useful to learn about the possible pitfalls ... In order not to become eternal inhabitants of the planets Tinder, Mamba, Badu, etc.

What are the techniques that keep us in dating services:

1. The illusion of choice

If you have ever registered on modern dating sites, remember your first impressions of scrolling through hundreds and thousands of potential partners - they do not end there (unless, of course, you set very strict criteria and look for partners exclusively within a kilometer radius of yourself, although this very convenient


Re: It's hard to choose a dating site.

by Vinny Crown (2021-02-09)

Whoever is lonely and does not know where his princesses or princess, who have become gray-haired for a long time and with a bunch of grandchildren,... Read more

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