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Dating with big beautiful women.

by Liam K Lee (2021-02-27)

Before you give up the idea of getting acquainted on the street, remember that not only men are looking for girlfriends or sex for one time. Girls also dream of meeting a good guy, but it's harder for them to make the first step.

Statistics show that in the morning and on weekends there are the most successful acquaintances.

This is due to the fact that people are in a hurry, they do not have time to talk for a long time, so they quickly exchange phone numbers to continue communicating in a more relaxed environment.

Go outside and look around, there are lots of beautiful girls around and your goal is to attract their attention.

Critically evaluate your appearance and the way you communicate. With a sloppy, gloomy type, few people will want to get acquainted.

In order for your dating to be successful, use a few basic rules:

Be always ready to meet a new girl. Namely, when you leave the house, you must be sure that you look perfect.
Work on your own style, ALWAYS look clean and neat.
You don't need to take your friends with you. They won't help you much right now, just ruin everything with their presence and stupid comments.
Be more often in places with a large concentration of women. This can be a campus, a hostel, a pedestrian street, a shopping center, or an organization with a women's collective.
No need to start a conversation in a dark alley or on a deserted street. In such places, women are usually very tense and timid.
Pretend that you're not very interested in this acquaintance. No one wants to hang out with a man who pesters women with a preoccupied look on every corner.
Make eye contact with the girl you like.
If she quickens her pace and leaves, don't run after her. Also, you do not need to interfere with her phone conversation or go to the office where she works.


Re: Dating with big beautiful women.

by Vinny Crown (2021-02-27)

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