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I don't know French at all

by Epa Fastina Matrifo (2021-04-05)

But I really need to learn this language. I want to meet people who live in france. After all, I am going to move there soon. Therefore, I need new acquaintances in that country. But how do I solve the language problem?


Re: I don't know French at all

by Hallosi Qinnk oXin Mutim (2021-04-05)

Traveling has a positive effect on a person. Although you may have gathered to live there all your life. Then it can be called a one-way trip. But in any case, I think that you deliberately approached your choice.

Re: I don't know French at all

by Udaso Mivba Adsad (2021-04-05)

French is not as difficult as it sounds. Indeed, in the English language there are borrowed French words and phrases. This confusion of languages... Read more

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